OEM Project

Following please find the custom project guidances:

1) Send us your designs or ideas with pictures and sizes. A draft or a photo works.

2)  We will sign a confidential aggreement to protect your designs.

3) A detailed quotation will be sent for your reference.

4)Sampling process. The first sample will be made according to your design and sent for your checking. If anything needed to be changed, a second sample will be made. A third sample, fourth...Until the one you are satisfied with arrives you. First sampling process takes about 15days.

5)Mass production: usually 45 days based on the quantity of the order.

6)Shippment. This will take about 30-40days. If you don't have any importation experience, we also provide door-to-door service.

7)Feedback. Any comments good or bad is highly welcome.

8) After-sale service: Solutions and comments will be made if you are not satisfied with the order.


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